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Dr. Valerie Moore “Dr. Val” at age 19, began ministering the word of God. By the age of 25, the prophetic mantle on her life was revealed during a service in Beckley, WV, where the Lord began to use her in a special way to call out names, addresses, and divulge specific and personal information about those in attendance. After proper training and mentorship, Dr. Val (Prophetess) began walking in her call with a new measure of boldness and authority.

Since the birth of Valerie Moore Enterprise, Dr. Val has traveled the country preaching, teaching, and prophesying the unadulterated Word of God across denominational boundaries with an unquestionable Anointing. She is a spiritual advisor to many and a rising prophetic voice to the nations. Dr. Val continues to stand in boldness declaring and decreeing the promises of God without compromise to this very day.

"When your VISION collides with

determination you become  unstoppable"

What We Believe


We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God. We believe Jesus Christ died for our sins and He rose for our Justification. According to scripture, accepting Christ as your Savior is the only way to heaven.

Our Vision 


We are dedicated to Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ through divine revelation and Spiritual Impartation. With an intention to provoke change and commitment to a life dedicated to the things of God and Walking out your purpose. We are two different entities, geared to draw those who are hungry to enhance the total Man/Woman. We have a Christ-Centered message of Empowerment and we train individuals to push the Kingdom of God and Be a Godly Example of all God has called them to be.

Our Mission


Our Mission is to continually operate as a Kingdom-Driven, Christ-Centered global outreach Ministry focused on the holistic development of people, communities and marketplace ministry.

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