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About  Dr.  Val

Dr. Valerie Moore, founder, and CEO of Valerie Moore Enterprise, is best known for provoking transformational change as she encourages others to commit to a life dedicated to the things of God. While some seek accolades, awards, and applause, she aims to transform the hearts and minds of people worldwide. As a singer, songwriter, and prophet to the nations, Dr. Valerie Moore helps men and women alike unlock their unique, God-ordained identity so they can operate at their full potential. A former alcoholic and prescription pill addict, Dr. Val, as many affectionately call her, knows firsthand how to use life’s stumbling blocks as stepping stones to success. As an author, musician, and expert in demonology, she empowers others to love themselves unapologetically and reminds them that life is not over because of failures, but it is just the beginning.


Prophesying since the tender age of two and preaching since the age of nineteen, Dr. Val is intentional about the mandate and calling upon her life. She shares her God-inspired wisdom with the world, compelling others to live in authenticity and abundance. Unlocking the prophetic mantle on her life by the age of twenty-five, she walks in a level of boldness and spiritual authority that cannot be shaken. As a mentor and spiritual advisor to many, she travels across the country teaching, preaching, and prophesying to those who are receptive to what thus sayeth the Lord. While breaking down barriers and denominational boundaries, she offers hope and healing to the despondent and broken.

Currently pursuing both a bachelor's and master's degree in Psychology, Dr. Val is a part of the National Honor Society and will graduate in the top three of her graduating class. On a mission to build Moore-U she works on numerous projects including: ImN26, Make a VOW with Val, Got2BMoore Merchandise, D.R.O.P (Discerning Revealing Outpouring Prophesying), P.R.O. (Prophesying Releasing Outpouring training), and Moore-U. Dr. Val, a woman of great vision, style, and grace, stands boldly in the belief that she does not have to conform to the status quo, but only be all that God has called her to be. She encourages others to live their lives under the same mantra and mandate.

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What We Believe

We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God. We believe Jesus Christ died for our sins and He rose for our Justification. According to scripture, accepting Christ as your Savior is the only way to heaven.

Our Vision

Valerie Moore Enterprise, better known as VME, believes in the importance of withholding a standard of uncompromising integrity and character that illuminates Christ-like standards and Kingdom principles. Dr. Valerie Moore, Founder and CEO of VME, values the true Christian beliefs of the written word of God, commanding that we as Children of God "be the salt of earth" and reach the unbeliever through a lifestyle that represents the Love of Christ.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to continually operate as a Kingdom-Driven, Christ-Centered global outreach Ministry focused on the holistic development of people, communities and marketplace ministry.



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