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So, you think You're a Prophet?


Who called you? Who affirmed your position? Do you have a covering or a cover-up? Knowing what level of prophetic flow you have been called to operate in, helps you to understand the mandate and what areas you need to become more advanced in this training, you will learn how to differentiate your level of prophetic gifting (Seer, Dreamer, Word of Knowledge, Gift of Discerning of Spirits), and Wisdom on how to execute. You will gain confidence in distinguishing what you’ve heard versus God's Voice and receive the tools on how to apply Prophetic Protocol.

Elevating Your Prophetic Gift 


As you emerge in the Prophetic, you will be refined into one of the Prophetic voices that delivers accurately and stands for truth. In this training, you will be taught the basic principles of how to operate in the prophetic and have an opportunity to exercise your gifts in a safe and confidential setting. After completion of training, your Prophetic eye will be clearer, the urgency for intercession and prophetic warfare enhanced, and become more advanced in understanding the Prophetic Gifts.

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