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So, you think You’re a Prophet


  • Learn About the Different ways that Holy Spirit communicates with you and How to Process what He is saying and is He Saying it.

  • Learn the Difference Between A Seer, Dreamer, Word of Knowledge, Gift of Discerning of Spirits and Wisdom

  • Gain confidence in sharing and knowing what to share that you heard

  • Your Voice verses Gods Voice

  • Learn How to respond to Prophetic Guidance

Elevating Your Prophetic Gift


Here we Train and Mentor Prophets and Prophetic voices who are accurate and will stand for truth. During this training you will be taught, trained and have an opportunity to exercise your gift in a safe and confidential setting.


  • How to discern a Prophetic call on your Life

  • Determining your Prophetic Expression

  • How to Cultivate an Accurate Prophetic Voice

  • How to Sharpen your Prophetic Intercession

  • Protocols for Prophetic Ministry

  • Prophetic Warfare


Intellectual Understanding of the Prophetic Gift


  • Tell the difference between Old and New Covenant Prophecy

  • Learn the Languages of God

  • Discover and develop your Prophetic Gifts in a safe Environment

  • Step out and Confidently Share Words of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Prophecy

  • Recognize a true Prophet from a False Prophet

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