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Dr. Val knows what it is to struggle with your health. Battling with Anemia, Skin rashes and breakouts, baldness and hitting a max weight of 331lbs. After the doctor warning her that most of her health challenges was tied to her weight and hearing this same news over and over for years, in 2014 Dr. Val decided to take her life back, by getting in the gym and changing her eating habits. Yes, there were times she fell off the wagon and her weight fluctuated due to personal issues and battles of depression…. she is now hit a place where she is consistent and continues to lose weight to this day. With Vision for your Health Dr. Val would love to share with you some of her secrets that she used to turn her life around by focusing and taking control of her health. It is the Goal of Dr. Val to Provide and unparalleled experience for you while coaching you to take your life back.




It is the Heart of Dr. Val to give you the tools that she is learned having Parents that have been married 48 Years and her Pastors who have a Beautiful marriage. However, Dr. Val who believes strongly in transparency that brings about transformation she wants to share with you the hard and tough lessons that she had to learn during the first year of marriage. The Do’s and Don’ts so to speak. She wants to see everyone have a Peaceful Marriage, A Peaceful Family and Peaceful Home. ​​




Growing up in a home with Parents that were financially stable…Dr. Val was taught how to Grind but never how to Grow the income of her Grind. Therefore, after High School Dr. Val immediately began acquiring debt with Credit Cards and loans by the time, she was 25 years old Dr. Val had over 15K dollars’ worth of Debt. Very Low Credit Score of 475, adding repossessions and eviction to her credit did not help. The problem was never making money it was handling it properly. After being Financially Coached by her wonderful Husband there are principals that Dr. Val would love to teach you to show you how she went from a 475 Credit score in 2016 to a 711 in 2019, being approved for a mortgage and a Brand-new car. I want to help you protect your financial integrity and show you how to make sure that the finances of your family’s future are in order.

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