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What We Believe

Purpose Statement


Moore-is a co-ed, versatile program, not centered around one specific topic or training, or group of people. Dr. Val’s key focus is centered around wholeness of the mind and spirit, to bring balance to your Daily Life and Christian Walk, while using life’s experience, general practices, accompanied with the knowledge of God. Her teachings on various life issues such as: the untouched topics, generational gaslighting, society set-backs, statistic slavery (slaves to statistic polls and predictions) victim of self-sabotaging, mind gaps and games, etc., while dealing with the overall mind and spirit, allows her to become transparent and create a more open environment for REAL discussions and potential solutions to her students. In this, you’ll find hope, help, healing, and health, concluding that Dr. Val wants MOORE for you!

Our Declaration


Moore-U Motto

Here at Moore-U, we are PEER focused. PROGRESSING, EMERGING, EMPOWERED and RESPONSIBLE, for our own future!!! Dr. Val, sees you MOORE than just a student, but a PEER!

Moore-U 2023 - “Provoked to Finish”

Ultimate PEER Package

  • Monthly Flat Rate $30

  • 4 Monthly Zoom calls of teaching with Dr. Val

  • Monthly series teaching held via Video Zoom

  • Motivational and Informational teaching with highly experienced professionals

  • Opportunities for 1 on 1 sessions with Dr. Val

  • Be the first to know VME events

  • Monthly Quotes for motivation

  • On-site Gatherings with Dr. Val

  • 2-day Retreat Gathering

  • Stay informed with Moore-U Press Newsletter

  • Access to various events at a discounted rate

  • Motivation to start the business

  • Steps to Mental and Emotional Healing

  • Direction on how to take your Life back

  • Steps to Develop YOU

  • Wisdom on applying biblical principles to your daily obstacles

  • Tools to Balance Work, Family and You

  • Overcoming objectives in this Generation

  • VIP access to Special Guest Appearances on-site and/or virtual.
    (Spiritual Leaders & Professionals, within certain fields of teaching)

  • Deeper Focus on Brain Habits (Call and Response)

  • In the know for D.R.O.P
    (Discerning, Revealing. Outpouring. Prophesying) Pop-Up Events


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