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We only have 15 Spots! 

Join the “Minding-Me” Community NOW! 
This is only for those who are READY to BUILD UP! 

Classes start May 1, 2024

minding me back.jpg.png

Six months of





as she releases practical

and biblical principles to




A community of Mind-FULL leaders, engaged in building ME with Moore U.

What to expect!

(All coaching is via zoom)

Month 1: Introduction to Minding ME

  • Session 1: Getting to know ME
    - Understanding Mindfulness and its Benefits

  • Session 2: Developing your “ME DESIGN” in Spiritual, Financial, Health, and Relationship Areas


Month 2: Spiritual Mind-FULL ME

  • Session 3: Exploring ME Beliefs and Values

  • Session 4: Practices for Spiritual ME Growth
    -    The Iceberg Effect

Month 3: Financial Mind-FULL ME

  • Session 5: Financial Purpose/Projection/Practicing with Budgeting

  • Session 6: Investing Mindfully and Practically in ME

Month 4: Healthy Mind-FULL ME

  • Session 7: Physical and Mental Health Awareness

  • Session 8: Implementing Healthy Habits
    - Stress Management
    - Time management


Month 5: ME Relationship Intelligence

  • Session 9: Defining “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality”•

  • Session 10: Challenging communications in conflict

Month 6: Integration and Reflection

  • Session 11: Integrating Mindfulness Across Life Areas

  • Session 12: Reflecting on Progress and Future Growth

Each session should include a mix of discussions, practical exercises, and resources for further exploration. Encourage leaders to share their experiences, challenges, and successes throughout the program. Additionally, consider bringing in guest speakers or experts in each field for deeper insights.

Once the 15 spots are filled, your name will be placed on a waiting list for the next coaching cohort. If you are waitlisted a deposit of $2500 or full payment guarantees your spot. Non-deposits will only put your name on the list but does not guarantee a spot. For additional questions, please email

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